Maco Custodio, PHL, 2019

Based on the production at Zapateria Hub, these shoes show numerous possibilities of upcycling flat waste materials by combining them with leather. The interweaving of these two materials creates a checkered surface that is used for the outer shell of these shoes.


Maco Custodio, 2019
flat scrap material


Maco Custodio

Maco's footwear career began with his collaboration with fashion designer JC Buendia, which focused on creating shoes.
Later, Maco realised that he wanted to bring more than fashion into his production; he was missing another aspect. By bringing sustainability into his work, his practice was oriented towards a specific goal: upcycling. This motivation led him to join Zapateria Hub, a practice that is very much in line with his work.

"Speaking of its design, he wanted it to look very Filipino but not sacrificing the look and style.", from Fame+.

Maco Custodio

Lives/works: Philippines

Contact: maco.custodio@gmail.com

Company: Zapateria Hub