Luján Cambariere / Colectivo Ático de Diseño, ARG, 2015

The lamp uses old industrial pieces.
The toys – such as old cans, glass tulips, bronzes, alabasters, and jars – have their parts disassembled and later recombined to construct playful objects.


Familia Collection, Lamp and toys, 2015
Antique and unique pieces, glass, bronze, tin
Result of a reuse workshop with 12
Argentinian designers
Lamp: H 50 cm
Toys: H 35 cm–50 cm


Luján Cambariere / Colectivo Ático de Diseño

Luján Cambariere is a renowned journalist and researcher specialized in design and social themes. She has been editor of the design section of the Página 12 newspaper since 2000 and the design editor of Barzón magazine, one of the most important magazines in Latin America since its foundation in 2005. She has undertaken sociological and anthropological research to add content to the discipline. She links crafts and design as a tool for social inclusion through her own social projects. She is a jury member in several design contests, has received many awards and has exhibited her projects in important museums around the world. She also runs Ático de Diseño, an academy of design in Tigre, Buenos Aires, which organizes exhibitions, seminars, workshops, classes and conferences, and works on various handcrafted disciplines and techniques. Ático contributes to the recognition, appreciation and development of Argentinian craftsmanship and design, involving the most recognized professionals in the country. It also runs a series of social projects to educate vulnerable populations and experimental workshops for designers – reuse workshops – to add content to the discipline and to stimulate collaborative and interdisciplinary interaction.

Luján Cambariere / Colectivo Ático de Diseño *1968

Studies:  Journalism at Universidad del Salvador, with a postgraduate degree in Communication Design at La Fadu, UBA
Philosophy: "The design can be crossed out as frivolous. However, in the South of the world, without industries or great technologies, linked to the craft issue or together with vulnerable populations, it can become a great tool for social inclusion. Rescuing, techniques and materials. And with them ... knowledge, stories, colors and landscapes. Rehearsing more sensitive and engaged dialogues. Empathic. New scenarios where ethics prevail over aesthetics. And fundamentally where the discipline can concretely improve the quality of life of many people ".
Exhibitions: Malba, Buenos Aires; Museu da Casa Brasileira, A Casa Museu do Objeto Brasileiro, and Bienal Curitiba, Brazil; Mac, Chile; Saint Etienne Biennial, France; Mad Museum, New York and V & A Museum, London

Status: Creator and Director of Atico de Diseño, Designer, Journalist, Curator
Lives/works: Tigre

Contact: www.lujancambariere.com