Le Ngoc Ha Thu, VNM, 2019

In this collection, old Japanese traditional clothing (yukata and obi sash) was combined with new contemporary values and vision. The patterns of the vintage fabrics are reminiscent of the past: blurred, faded, smeared together, with dried tea stains, cigarette burns and embossed floral motifs like pressed flowers from diary pages. In addition to upcycled yukata fabrics, the designer also works with local artisans to create natural fabrics for the collection. These are dyed with plants or eco-friendly chemical dyes. All trimmings such as buttons and zippers are taken from used garments or made from metal and wood.


memoris, 2019
yukata and secondhand fabric
three outfits where exhibited


Le Ngoc Ha Thu

Le Ngoc Ha Thu is an award-winning vietnamese fashion designer. The reason behind her lable XavanStudio is her career motto (sustainable fashion design).
"That's a promise I've made to myself and it's also a signal. When I put it out there, only people who care about the environment as much as I do will reach out to me. Expectation's set."

Read a full interview with her here.

Le Ngoc Ha Thu

Lives/works: Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact: XavanStudio @le_ngochathu