Siklo Pilipinas, PHL, 2019

Discarded inner tube rubber is a good material for bags for many reasons. Bags made from inner tube rubber are conscientious products, they are an eco-ethical statement and they are low in maintainment, just to name some reasons.


Siklo Pilipinas, 2019
Discarded inner tube rubber


Siklo Pilipinas

"Siklo is a Pilipino word which means “cycle” and Pilipinas to denote that it is made by happy folks in their tropical sun, picturesque islands, and ‘admiring the typhoon’ way of life. It is in this setting that the brand was conceived."

Siklo Pilipinas is a bag manufacturing brand made of bike inner tubes.
The way this company came to life is thanks to its founder, Lyndon and Clarice Ecuacion. While they were on a backpacking adventures, they improvised a solution in protecting their electronic devices because back then, dry bags were not yet widely available. Instead, the couple created protections made of inner tubes.

With such a company, the creative workers want to invite an altertive way of living, indeed an eco-ethical lifestyle. Siklo upcycled products are made by hand. Both because of the handcraft and the uniqueness of each bike inner tube, the product is always unique.

"We are stoked by the idea that re-purposing is a win-win garbage solution for everyone." 
Quotes from the Siklo Pilipinas website.

Siklo Pilipinas

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Company: Siklo Pilipinas