Gompf + Kehrer, DEU, 2010/13

Old paper, paper with printing errors, material for paper recycling containers. Or the starting material for thin paper rolls, made into rings that produce layered conical corpuses, the bases for small tables or plinths.


paper table – low version, 2013
Paper (waste and misprinted paper, sorted by colour), glass plate
H 30, Ø 80 cm


paper table – mid size, 2010
Paper (waste and misprinted paper, sorted by colour), glass plate
H 38, Ø 50 cm


Gompf + Kehrer

The Gompf + Kehrer brand was founded by the two designers Verena Stella Gompf and Cordula Kehrer and is dedicated to materials and craftsmanship. As design studio they are designing furniture and accessories for private homes. The products are characterized by materials and manufacturing methods that include narrative elements, arouse curiosity and raise questions. The use of traditional technologies in socially sustainable contexts is a particular focus derived from the holistic perspective that the studio has on everyday objects today.

Verena Stella Gompf
Studio: since 2012 Studio Verena Stella Gompf

Cordula Kehrer

Studio: since 2011 Designer at zwo/elf Büro für Gestaltung

Studies: (both) Product Design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG)
Philosophy: Exceptional design requires a harmonious interplay of design, material and craftsmanship.
Exhibitions: Maison & Object, kkaarrlls, New Olds, Rossana Orlandi, Wanas Konst, Glass is tomorrow, KunstKraftWerk, Vitra
Cooperations: Veronika Salzseiler, ZKM

Studio: Gompf + Kehrer 2010 - 2015
Live/work: Karlsruhe

Contact: www.gompf-kehrer.com