Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.), EGY, 1995

The lamp is compromised of re-used ghee tin boxes. The patterns on the boxes are a mixture of color and English and Arabic typography that shows parts of the famous ghee brands used.
For the necklace the metal Nespresso caps are either rolled or folded, then pierced to create colourful units.


Nespresso Necklace, 2015
22 connected Nespresso caps
L 50 cm

Tin Lamp, Standing light system, 2011
Disposable Ghee tin boxes, wire, metal
H 57 x W 38 cm


Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.)

The Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.) is an NGO that works with the informal sanitation collectors of Cairo known as the Zabbaleen (literally meaning garbage collector in Arabic). The Zabbaleen do not simply collect and dispose of garbage; rather they can recycle nearly 85% of it, a diversion rate that is very high even if compared to cities in developed nations. For over 25 years the NGO has been developing environmentally sound waste management and recycling techniques, which helped build the human capacity of the Zabbaleen communities, to “recycle and re-use”. The quality of the work produced and the number of people whose lives have changed due to the initiative is a testament to the fact that environmental, social and economic development can go hand in hand. Through the many programs of A.P.E., women especially, have become empowered to build better lives for themselves. A.P.E. is an award-winning initiative recognised globally. Their aim is to keep working with the Zabbaleen of Cairo towards a zero-waste city.

Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.)

Status: Non-governmental Organisation
Location: Cairo

Contact: www.ape.org.eg