Tobias Juretzek, DEU, 2011

Trousers, shirts, and skirts, the old leftover items of clothing. Broken, worn out, too big, too small – no longer wearable. But full of memories. It is a shame to throw them out, to give them to recycling collectors. Pressed into new shapes, into chairs, they can still be “owned” and used. With all the memories.


Rememberme Chair, 2011
Textiles, metal
H 80.5 x W 42 x D 52 cm
Casamania, Italy
Loan: Volker Albus


Tobias Juretzek

After studying at the School of Arts and Design Kassel, Germany, and working freelance for Studio Makkink & Bey, and others, Tobias Juretzek founded his own design studio in 2011. His works are both experimental and also the result of his fascination for technologies, materials and forms. On this basis a playful approach, curiosity and the pleasure of magical moments lead to astonishing projects.

Tobias Juretzek *1981

Studies: School of Arts and Design Kassel
Studio: Atelier Tobias Juretzek since 2011
Philosophy: Design should break up with the established and give the viewer a moment of astonishment.
Exhibitions: SAHCO Showroom, London; Salone del Mobile, Milano; Ventura Lambrate, Milano
Status: Designer and design lecturer
Lives/works: Kassel

Contact: www.tobiasjuretzek.com